The Fabulis iPhone (or in my case iPod Touch) app.  Fabulis took their concept of ranking the gay men in your area as well listing all the events in your are from your laptop to your pocket.  Out on the go? Check the app to see which of the guys you have voted up are near you, or which guy you would like to get to know.  Rather meet a penpal across the country? Use the fun slot machine function and it will bring you to a random member to get to know.  Find yourself in a big city you are unfamiliar with? Find out some of the big events that are going on, and maybe drop by and meet some new people.

All in all, Fabulis has created a great app that isn’t just functional, but is one of the most aesthetically pleasing ones I have on my iPod.


I realized that last night’s post was a little angsty for the holidays, so here are the things about Thanksgiving that I don’t hate!


While yes I hate the food that we stuff inside the traditional bird, I think that the bird itself is one of the best foods ever.  The way that it is cooked so perfectly so that it is just perfectly crispy on the outside, but has that amazingly juicy and tender center just makes me want to sit in front of a turkey and eat the whole thing in one sitting.  Just talking about it now is making me so hungry for some, thankfully it is less than 48 hours until Turkey Time!

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade:

I absolutely LOVE the parade.  I will absolutely wake up obsceneley early on a day where I have no school to plop down on the couch and watch all the awesome floats and balloons stroll down the parade route.  I don’t know what it is about it, I just think it is all so much fun.  In fact I just set my DVR at home to record the parade, even though I won’t be able to watch it at home until the middle of December…

Thanksgiving Themed TV Episodes

Anyone who knows me well knows how much I love TV, especially FRIENDS, so when shows that I love have a Thanksgiving episode, I am always more than happy to tune in.  FRIENDS was always one of the best shows when it came to Thanksgiving episodes.  They were always the highlight of the season, and easily my favorite (so much that I am in the middle of a marathon of all 9 Thanksgiving episodes, I don’t count season 2’s “Mocklate” episode).  Now that FRIENDS has ended its run, and its fantastic Thanksgiving episodes, we now have How I Met Your Mother which seems to filling the shoes of great Thanksgiving episodes quite nicely, this season’s “Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap” being the perfect example of this, and hopefully a good example of what will be to come in the future.

Again, these are just a few of the things about Thanksgiving I love, there are absolutely a whole lot more, but now I wanna get back to my marathon!


Oh My! An update! How CRAZY!

So, the Holiday’s are upon us, and while they may bring up some very nice things, they also bring up a lot of hate in my opinion. Here are some of the things that the Holiday’s bring that really rub me the wrong way.


Sorry, I know this is like, everyones favorite on Thanksgiving, but I absolutely hate it.  Every year I try a little bit, just to see if my hatred is still there, and it is. I just think the whole concept of it is gross. It is soggy bread and other food parts all mushed together, that you shove INSIDE the turkey, and then pull out and eat…I mean really!? That is not gross to anyone else?

Anything related to Christmas BEFORE Thanksgiving:

Christmas Before Thanksgiving

Ok, this one really bugs the crap out of me.  The last three months of the year all have Holidays at the end of them, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, for October, November, and December respectively, just in case you were unsure.  Let each of those months have their own Holiday! They are all great! I mean, on Halloween you get to put on crazy costumes, girls get to be slutty and all, and you get free candy! Thanksgiving you get to eat until you feel like you are going to burst, and then there’s Christmas.  I mean on Christmas you get to eat again, and you get gifts, so I understand why every one loves it so much, BUT YOU HAVE TO WAIT FOR IT!  I am a purist when it comes to waiting for Christmas, I do not listen to any Christmas music until AFTER Thanksgiving, as it should be…otherwise I just get sick of it.

The worst example of this is ABC Family and their “Countdown to 25 Day’s of Christmas.”  That is right, a countdown to a countdown!  It is really just ridiculous.

Obscene Black Friday Sales:

Kohl’s is opening at 4 AM! Toy’s R Us is opening at midnight! Does no one else find that to be just insane?  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love shopping as much as the next gay guy, but at 4 in the morning the day after a huge Thanksgiving meal, the last thing I plan on doing is standing in line at Kohl’s with a bunch of crazed housewives scrambling to get 90% dockers.  I think I will wait until after I have my left over turkey and green beans, and then go out, once all the crazy early birds have gone back to bed.

I am sure that if I tried hard enough, I could think of plenty more things that I hate, but I do have homework to get back to…so while I am doing that, how about YOU tell ME some Holiday things you hate!


(I know it seems like I am just writing about “gay issues” lately, it’s like I am queer or something, but this one bugs the crap out of me.)

Dear Gay Community,

Lay off Barack Obama, now.

When he was elected the President, he was elected President of the United States, not the President of the Gays of the United States. While I am a gay man, and I do care about my rights, I understand that things like Gay Marriage and Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell are not exactly the most important things to the ENTIRE COUNTRY.

I don’t know if you all have heard, but we are in a major economic recession. Believe it or not, it is something that affects us all, gay, straight, black, white, etc. Maybe it is just me, but I feel that he should probably focus on things that will affect the entire country before he starts focus on small, individual groups. If he started providing benefits to African Americans or Women, or any other minority group, people, especially the Gays, would be up in arms, and it is no difference in this case.

Obama did make progress tonight by saying he will repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Anyone who expected it to happen today is an idiot. Things take time, reform takes time. It cannot happen over night. As soon as DADT is repealed, I am sure the Gays will find something else to jump on him for, because no one will ever be happy with the way the country is.

Obama is the country’s President, not just yours, so I suggest you try to go against the stereotype of the vapid, self absorbed gay man, and realize that this Precidency is not all about you, but about what will be best for this country as a whole.

To President Obama, congratulations on your Nobel Peace Prize, and I look forward to the rest of your tenure as President.


I know it has been FOREVER since I updated this, but College can be crazy. However over the past couple weeks I have encountered a few things that made me think “huh, this would make a great blog entry” so I decided to throw them all into this one entry!

First of all, I have to address an issue I have with many college gay men.
Please come out of the closet.

I recently met a guy, who was a Freshmen, who was just so amazingly insecure with himself and the fact that he was gay, that it made me kind of disgusted. One night we were sitting at a table outside our student center talking about clothes and stuff (so already not exactly a butch conversation) and I mentioned how I recently discovered the fact that I liked the color purple, clothing wise. Young Freshmen then proceeds to “shh” me, in case some passer by heard me say I liked purple, because that clearly me liking purple makes the two of us the biggest queens in the world and thus gives random people the right to beat the shit out of me.

I really think this kid needs to lighten up because lets face it, I look great in purple. But what really annoyed me about the whole situation is how upset he got when I mentioned something kind of gay. This is 2009 and you are in college close to a very large city. You know you are gay, your parent’s know you are gay, but that is all you will allow yourself? Why does it matter if some random person walking around knows that you sometimes like it up the butt? If you legit cannot be comfortable with yourself and who you really are, I honestly don’t want to be friends with you, let alone even CONSIDER dating you. I came out of the closet a long time ago, I have no plans on ever going back in. For anyone. Ever.

Secondly, I have a couple issues with Gay Clubs, here I go!

First of all, if you are a lesbian, or a straight man, then no offense, but you have NO room being in a gay club. Sorry but you are really throwing off the whole dynamic of the club, it makes it extremely hard for me to find someone to dance with when half of you like vaginas. Especially straight men, there maybe VERY few of you there, but you always seem to be the cutest ones. Go to your own club, you have plenty of them.

Second of all, please don’t take gay clubs seriously, because they are not serious. At all. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a sad sad person who probably spends most of their time in a gay club. Clubs are kind of like mini Vegas’ in my opinion. What happens there, should stay there. If I go to a club I am NOT looking for a boyfriend, a hook up, a hand down my pants, or an STD. I am looking for a good time with some friends, probably have been stressed. So please do not get upset if I dance with you, and then I leave, or if I don’t make out with you because you are some random stranger I just met, sorry but it’s just a little rule of mine, call me prude if you must.

Finally, please, for the most part, keep your shirt on at a club. I understand that it is very hot in there and there are a lot of people, but let’s face it, most of you should always keep your shirt on. There are people who are being paid to take off theirshirts, and there is a reason that you are not one of those people. The only thing worse than dancing up against your sweaty tee shirt, is dancing up against your sweaty chest.

I guess that is all I had to complain about right now…just wanted to get that all out there!


Just a fun quiz!


So I know this place has been empty for a while, and I know you all are just DEVASTATED by that, so here is my mini update (mini just because I have class in 15 minutes.)

So I am back at school now, that’s awesome. So is Caty, and clearly she is busier than even I am since I haven’t talked to her really since she left…

This year’s classes are a lot better than what I had to take last year, a lot more interesting and everything. I feel it is going to be a good year…don’t worry, I will make sure I keep you updated!

Now however, I should probably get to class, don’t wanna be late for the first class


Oh hey there

Sorry it’s been so long since this has been updated, it has been crazy busy lately with work and getting ready for school, but I decided that I should take some time off of my packing (ha!) to update.

It is the end of the summer now, and I will be headed back to Rowan in less than 72 hours, leaving Illinois again for the great(?) state of New Jersey.  It is a very bizarre feeling, and I remember having the same feeling about a year ago, lying in bed, trying to fall asleep, and I popped up and thought “Holy crap, this is my last night in this bed!” (for those keeping track, I have 2 nights left in my bed now.)

The end of the summer is extremely bittersweet.  On one hand, I cannot wait to get back to Rowan, I just need out of Illinois again.  However on the other hand, leaving Illinois is hard because there are so many important things that have happened here for me.

This summer was one of the strangest for me I felt.  I really felt like I was a grown up this summer.  I wasn’t able to just go off and do whatever I want, and see whoever I want, whenever I wanted.  I had a lot more responsibilities this year, and I realized that soon, I won’t have summers anymore.  I will have to go to work year round and make a living for myself, and that thought freaked me out, although it also really excited me, to get out in the real world and what not.

A lot has changed in the past year, and it seems that a lot of that change came just in this past summer.  I met some amazing people through work that really make my job 10 times less miserable.  I made friendships with people I had known and never took the time to really get to know, and I sent my personal life on a roller coaster.  Do I have any regrets? Absolutely not, what’s the point of them? Do I wish some things could have turned out different, or some events had happened another way, sure.  But I know that all the stuff that did happen, happened for a reason.

So for now, I must get back to packing, or something that at least resembles it.  Rowan is closer and closer all the time, and I cannot wait till I am there, but I sure am gonna miss this room, and these people!

Oh, on another note, I am thinking of starting a YouTube Vlog…thoughts?


Wll folks, here are my August suggestions for all things media related.

Movies: New on DVD is the excellent film Watchmen. While it is on the pretty violent side it is still a fantastic movie, that I strongly recommend. Don’t worry if you haven’t read the comic, the film does a good job of explaining everything you need to know. A cast of relatively unknown actors adds to the believeabilty of these unique characters and the cinematography is a treat to watch. Director Zack Snyder truly hit this one out of the park with intricate fight scenes, a touch of humor, and a wonderful cast.

Keep your eyes open for Quentin Tarantino’s newest film titled “Inglorious Basterds”. Lead by Brad Pitt, this movie follows a group of 8 soliders set on “killing nazis” in retaliation for the cruel treatment of innocent civilians. Besides an obvious track record of excellence from Tarantino, Pitt also branches out to a portray a role we have not seen from him yet. If this movie is as good as the trailer lets on, it is sure to be another hit that keeps people talking.

Music: This month is all about one thing. Spring Awakening! Now before you say, “Oh a musical? Not interested” allow me to tell you a bit about this wonderful musical. The music comes from Duncan Sheik, who busted out some pretty good hits in the 90s. This musical in no way wreaks of has-been though and in fact gives us the feeling that while Sheik has been away he has truly been honing his talent to turn out a spectacular production. Spring Awakening won the Tony Award for Best Musical in 2007 and hasn’t slowed down since. It’s popularity continues to grow and with a touring cast on the move Spring Awakening is quickly gaining more recognition as an innovate musical that has the potential to please any audience.

The music of Spring Awakening doesn’t sound like anything that has been on stage before and breaks all conventions. With songs like “The Bitch of Living” and “Totally Fucked” this music pushes the envelope and successfully combines a rockesque score with a story people can relate to. Definitely a musical worth checking into!

TV: This section is quite hard for me considering I hardly watch any TV, however with the return of Jon and Kate Plus 8 my weekly dose of broken home programming is being met. This week Kate camped with the kids and took them to the beach, meanwhile Jon played the role of deadbeat Dad to a T. Despite thoughts that the series has jumped off the deep end, this show is really just getting good. The kids are at their peak of adorableness while the dynamics between Jon and Kate are becoming quite fascinating.

If you have already written Jon and Kate off, consider tuning in for the pure entertainment of the sextuplets’ lack of a filter. Complaints of “Daddy knows how to camp. Daddy can do this, Daddy can do that” role off their tongues without abandon while viewers feel slightly uncomfortable knowing Daddy is off  hanging with that Lohan guy. Awkward moments are sure to be abundant as the new season progresses. Stay tuned!

Books: I am currently reading a Non-Fiction (oooo) book titled “Wednesday is Indigo Blue” which details the findings behind a mental condition called Synesthesia. The condition leaves people with melded senses, for example seeing colors when certain sounds are heard or tasting the colors one sees. This book is truly fascinating and while I don’t recommend it for everyone, those of you who find the brain fascinating would enjoy leafing through this book or finding other writings on the subject of Synesthesia.

When it comes to Fiction check out any of Alice Seebold’s book. Her book Lovely Bones is being turned into a movie which is sure to boost the popularity of her other books so go ahead and check them out before the rest of the world hops on the bandwagon. Lucky chronicles her experience after being raped, and while the subject matter sounds a bit dark, her writing is incredibly insightful and eye opening.


Hey there everyone, this is our first dual post.  That is right folks, both Caty AND Dominic are here writing this post!

So the thing is, a couple weeks ago we were hanging out in lovely Downtown Naperville at about 9 o’clock at night and we noticed A LOT of things that are really just unacceptable in this day and age, and we started to come up with a list of all these things plus some more, and here good sirs (and madams) is that list:

  • Popped Collars
  • Gladiator Sandals
  • Man-pris
  • Cargo Pants
  • Cuffed Sweatpants (or tight around the ankle sweatpants)
  • Sweatshirts (ones without hoods)
  • Bandana’s that are wrapped around your head like a sweatband
  • Smoking a cigarette like a joint
  • Sundresses that make you look pregnant no matter how thin you really are
  • Hats that are any way but completely forward, or completely backwards
  • Standing in the middle of the street for no reason
  • Touching your crotch while in public
  • Grillz
  • Whale Jizz Hair *See Photo*
  • Jeans that are ripped so much that you see more leg than denim
  • Being drunk in public at 9 PM on a Thursday

We are providing you all with this list as a public service really.  We understand that this can be A LOT to take in, but just remember that you should never EVER look like either of these two pictures:

Thank you all for having some sense!