One Of Those Days

Today was, as we would like to refer to it, one of those days.

It began with Dominic and I driving nearly an hour to a courthouse to pick up a birth certificate. The actual transaction took approximately 10 minutes, during which Dominic got asked if he had a son.

Which brings us to this thought. Are we really at the age when people look at us and think “They could have a child”. I mean, I understand we are approaching 20, but I still thought I had that look that told the world I am having enough trouble taking care of myself. Either way I am starting to feel older. A scary old though. Like 2 decades of my life are gone old, and I haven’t really accomplished anything too exciting. That isn’t saying many other 20 year olds have, it is just saying these next 20 years better count. It is 20-40 when the BIG events happen. The things that tend to define you as a person.

After the trip to the courthouse we dined at a place called Sweet Tomatoes, who surprisingly had few tomatoes.  It was pretty yumtastic, only a scary baby stared at us while we ate, and we were severely confused about how to get our food.

Next it was on to minigolf! Only not just any minigolf, glow in the dark minigolf!! I know, you are jealous, and you should be. It was really just about too cool. Before we minigolfed we watched a Sears Presentation about their version of the Shamwow and got free samples to clean our glasses with. The guy was probably one of the coolest people I have encountered so far in 2009.

The other people watching the presentation were too excited. I mean way too excited, like this was by far the greatest deal they had ever encountered. I feel like they don’t understand the concept “If it sounds too good to be true…it is”. Either way there are some ecstatic people sitting at home tonight with a new shamwow mop and 100 sq. feet of shamwow towel to use at their discretion. I hope they spill some awesome super staining liquid on purpose just to show their friends how well their amazing new product works, only to be left with a nice big stain.

We then bought a bow tie, drank some Jamba juice, ate some chips from Chipotle, and complained about our full tummies and lack of monies, because no day is complete without some small complaints.


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