Welcome to the World

Today Dominic and I experienced another first together, our first memorial service.

We have both known people who have passed away before, however this is the first time it was someone we knew that wasn’t family or a family friend. It was the first time we were on our own without family, experiencing something that will inevitably come again. Saying goodbye and comforting those who need it, an important part of life that can really only be learned through experience. Painful, uncomfortable, confusing experience.

This I suppose is just another indication that “these times, they are a changing”.

That theme is another major part of this blog, really transitioning from the final stages of adolescence to cementing our position in adulthood.

Which brings us to the hate part of this blog. Lately, Dominic and I have been discussing those people who are simply uncouth. That is not the same as lacking common sense or being a douche. It is very different, and we dislike them all. If you are reading this please learn the rules of the world. They are abundant but necessary. For example some things are appropriate to wear to a funeral service…some are not. More examples to follow.

Also, today is my half birthday!! Happy Half Birthday to me….:-D


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