Harry effing Potter

So, the thing is, I do NOT hate Harry Potter, in fact, it is easily one of my favorite things since well, ever.

So, you can imagine my excitement that in 4 hours, I will be watching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

I grew up with Harry Potter.  Harry and I turned 14 at the same time, the books coming out for each year that I turned the age that Harry and his friends were in that book (yeah, that sentence is a big convoluted…)

Harry and I have been through a lot together, reading Harry Potter was kind of like having a brother that was going through a lot of the same stuff I was (yes, I am destined to defeat the darkest wizard of all time, little fact about your author)

When the final book came out, it was incredibly bittersweet.  Although I had been looking forward to it for years, it was putting an end to something that I had through every part of my life, the one constant.

Maybe this post is just totally nerdtastic, but I guess that is just one of the things about me that will make this blog what it is.

Here’s hoping this movie is just as great as I am expecting, and that the two that come after it really do what they should.

Oh, I almost forgot;

R.I.P. Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore 1881-1997


3 Responses to “Harry effing Potter”

    HP is the shit.

  2. I saw this with my family tonight. My mom made the movie. When they’re at the island, and the dead bodies are about to attack them, I knew my mom was going to scream. When the hand grabbed his arm, she screamed, and the entire row in front of us jumped. Not because of the movie, but because of my mom. My dad and I could not stop laughing throughout that entire scene.

    It was pretty good though.

  3. i was sooo excited to see it. i did. and i think it was the worst so far. :/

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