Things I (don’t) Hate! Part 1

mosaicbd5b3da680f45c3a68a37f1e0e31f61ea064bfa2Hey there blogosphere, how’s it going?
I thought of the idea for this entry (and the entries that will follow) after seeing something similar on another blog that I often read.
I thought, every once and a while, we could make a post with different things that we like, in music, movies, books, and TV. So without further ado, here we go!

Music: My friend Luke recently introduced me to the “band” Owl City.  I hesitate calling them a band really, since it is really just one person, not exactly a band, however, he is pretty amazing none-the-less.  His music has a very electronic feel to it, which is much different than the music that I normally like but it really has a great sound.  The newest album just came out on iTunes, check it out and download it here.

Movies:I think it is pretty obvious from my last post that I am a pretty big Harry Potter fan, and that I went to go see the movie at midnight last week.  I, unlike a lot of fans I have talked to, really enjoyed the the movie, more so than any of the previous movies.  I think that it did the best job so far of, not necessarily adapting the book to a movie, but interpreting it.  They kept in the most important parts, and left out a lot of the stuff that wasn’t exactly necessary.  Overall I think it was a great movie for book fans, as well as movie fans, and I am extremely excited for Deathly Hallows to become the next two movies.

Books:Speaking of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, I just finished re-reading that book (this made it the third time I have read it since it came out exactly 2 years ago today.)  A lot of fans had some problems with the book, but I think that it really did a great job at concluding a story that took so long to complete. It showed the realness of war that had struck the world of our favorite characters, it didn’t spare anything, and although I was upset when half the characters ended up dying in the end, the novel really did what I was hoping it would.

TV:My guiltiest TV pleasure is by far Big Brother, and this season is no exception.  The sluttastic CBS Reality TV show, which is basically Survivor in a house in California instead of a dessert island, never disappoints to deliver some really crazy characters, and this season brought out some surefire crazies.  If you haven’t watched it, and you are looking for a guilty pleasure to indulge in for the rest of the summer, you can catch up on the episodes here.

Well there it is! The first “Things I (don’t) Hate!”  Make sure you keep checking back for new suggestions in Music, Movies, Books and TV!


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