Things Cate Does NOT Hate. Part 1.

Wll folks, here are my August suggestions for all things media related.

Movies: New on DVD is the excellent film Watchmen. While it is on the pretty violent side it is still a fantastic movie, that I strongly recommend. Don’t worry if you haven’t read the comic, the film does a good job of explaining everything you need to know. A cast of relatively unknown actors adds to the believeabilty of these unique characters and the cinematography is a treat to watch. Director Zack Snyder truly hit this one out of the park with intricate fight scenes, a touch of humor, and a wonderful cast.

Keep your eyes open for Quentin Tarantino’s newest film titled “Inglorious Basterds”. Lead by Brad Pitt, this movie follows a group of 8 soliders set on “killing nazis” in retaliation for the cruel treatment of innocent civilians. Besides an obvious track record of excellence from Tarantino, Pitt also branches out to a portray a role we have not seen from him yet. If this movie is as good as the trailer lets on, it is sure to be another hit that keeps people talking.

Music: This month is all about one thing. Spring Awakening! Now before you say, “Oh a musical? Not interested” allow me to tell you a bit about this wonderful musical. The music comes from Duncan Sheik, who busted out some pretty good hits in the 90s. This musical in no way wreaks of has-been though and in fact gives us the feeling that while Sheik has been away he has truly been honing his talent to turn out a spectacular production. Spring Awakening won the Tony Award for Best Musical in 2007 and hasn’t slowed down since. It’s popularity continues to grow and with a touring cast on the move Spring Awakening is quickly gaining more recognition as an innovate musical that has the potential to please any audience.

The music of Spring Awakening doesn’t sound like anything that has been on stage before and breaks all conventions. With songs like “The Bitch of Living” and “Totally Fucked” this music pushes the envelope and successfully combines a rockesque score with a story people can relate to. Definitely a musical worth checking into!

TV: This section is quite hard for me considering I hardly watch any TV, however with the return of Jon and Kate Plus 8 my weekly dose of broken home programming is being met. This week Kate camped with the kids and took them to the beach, meanwhile Jon played the role of deadbeat Dad to a T. Despite thoughts that the series has jumped off the deep end, this show is really just getting good. The kids are at their peak of adorableness while the dynamics between Jon and Kate are becoming quite fascinating.

If you have already written Jon and Kate off, consider tuning in for the pure entertainment of the sextuplets’ lack of a filter. Complaints of “Daddy knows how to camp. Daddy can do this, Daddy can do that” role off their tongues without abandon while viewers feel slightly uncomfortable knowing Daddy is off  hanging with that Lohan guy. Awkward moments are sure to be abundant as the new season progresses. Stay tuned!

Books: I am currently reading a Non-Fiction (oooo) book titled “Wednesday is Indigo Blue” which details the findings behind a mental condition called Synesthesia. The condition leaves people with melded senses, for example seeing colors when certain sounds are heard or tasting the colors one sees. This book is truly fascinating and while I don’t recommend it for everyone, those of you who find the brain fascinating would enjoy leafing through this book or finding other writings on the subject of Synesthesia.

When it comes to Fiction check out any of Alice Seebold’s book. Her book Lovely Bones is being turned into a movie which is sure to boost the popularity of her other books so go ahead and check them out before the rest of the world hops on the bandwagon. Lucky chronicles her experience after being raped, and while the subject matter sounds a bit dark, her writing is incredibly insightful and eye opening.


One Response to “Things Cate Does NOT Hate. Part 1.”

  1. Kate’s a bitch and her hair sucks.

    Good post otherwise, though. 😀 Miss you!


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