My Gay Point of View

I know it has been FOREVER since I updated this, but College can be crazy. However over the past couple weeks I have encountered a few things that made me think “huh, this would make a great blog entry” so I decided to throw them all into this one entry!

First of all, I have to address an issue I have with many college gay men.
Please come out of the closet.

I recently met a guy, who was a Freshmen, who was just so amazingly insecure with himself and the fact that he was gay, that it made me kind of disgusted. One night we were sitting at a table outside our student center talking about clothes and stuff (so already not exactly a butch conversation) and I mentioned how I recently discovered the fact that I liked the color purple, clothing wise. Young Freshmen then proceeds to “shh” me, in case some passer by heard me say I liked purple, because that clearly me liking purple makes the two of us the biggest queens in the world and thus gives random people the right to beat the shit out of me.

I really think this kid needs to lighten up because lets face it, I look great in purple. But what really annoyed me about the whole situation is how upset he got when I mentioned something kind of gay. This is 2009 and you are in college close to a very large city. You know you are gay, your parent’s know you are gay, but that is all you will allow yourself? Why does it matter if some random person walking around knows that you sometimes like it up the butt? If you legit cannot be comfortable with yourself and who you really are, I honestly don’t want to be friends with you, let alone even CONSIDER dating you. I came out of the closet a long time ago, I have no plans on ever going back in. For anyone. Ever.

Secondly, I have a couple issues with Gay Clubs, here I go!

First of all, if you are a lesbian, or a straight man, then no offense, but you have NO room being in a gay club. Sorry but you are really throwing off the whole dynamic of the club, it makes it extremely hard for me to find someone to dance with when half of you like vaginas. Especially straight men, there maybe VERY few of you there, but you always seem to be the cutest ones. Go to your own club, you have plenty of them.

Second of all, please don’t take gay clubs seriously, because they are not serious. At all. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a sad sad person who probably spends most of their time in a gay club. Clubs are kind of like mini Vegas’ in my opinion. What happens there, should stay there. If I go to a club I am NOT looking for a boyfriend, a hook up, a hand down my pants, or an STD. I am looking for a good time with some friends, probably have been stressed. So please do not get upset if I dance with you, and then I leave, or if I don’t make out with you because you are some random stranger I just met, sorry but it’s just a little rule of mine, call me prude if you must.

Finally, please, for the most part, keep your shirt on at a club. I understand that it is very hot in there and there are a lot of people, but let’s face it, most of you should always keep your shirt on. There are people who are being paid to take off theirshirts, and there is a reason that you are not one of those people. The only thing worse than dancing up against your sweaty tee shirt, is dancing up against your sweaty chest.

I guess that is all I had to complain about right now…just wanted to get that all out there!


2 Responses to “My Gay Point of View”

  1. oh dominic you are so cute. what the hell happened to caty writing. it’s not dom & cate it’s just dom, but i love catching up up with what’s going on with you.
    love you

  2. Dominic…you are hilarious. Like awesomely hilarious.

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