Things Dominic Hates (Holiday Edition!!)

Oh My! An update! How CRAZY!

So, the Holiday’s are upon us, and while they may bring up some very nice things, they also bring up a lot of hate in my opinion. Here are some of the things that the Holiday’s bring that really rub me the wrong way.


Sorry, I know this is like, everyones favorite on Thanksgiving, but I absolutely hate it.  Every year I try a little bit, just to see if my hatred is still there, and it is. I just think the whole concept of it is gross. It is soggy bread and other food parts all mushed together, that you shove INSIDE the turkey, and then pull out and eat…I mean really!? That is not gross to anyone else?

Anything related to Christmas BEFORE Thanksgiving:

Christmas Before Thanksgiving

Ok, this one really bugs the crap out of me.  The last three months of the year all have Holidays at the end of them, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, for October, November, and December respectively, just in case you were unsure.  Let each of those months have their own Holiday! They are all great! I mean, on Halloween you get to put on crazy costumes, girls get to be slutty and all, and you get free candy! Thanksgiving you get to eat until you feel like you are going to burst, and then there’s Christmas.  I mean on Christmas you get to eat again, and you get gifts, so I understand why every one loves it so much, BUT YOU HAVE TO WAIT FOR IT!  I am a purist when it comes to waiting for Christmas, I do not listen to any Christmas music until AFTER Thanksgiving, as it should be…otherwise I just get sick of it.

The worst example of this is ABC Family and their “Countdown to 25 Day’s of Christmas.”  That is right, a countdown to a countdown!  It is really just ridiculous.

Obscene Black Friday Sales:

Kohl’s is opening at 4 AM! Toy’s R Us is opening at midnight! Does no one else find that to be just insane?  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love shopping as much as the next gay guy, but at 4 in the morning the day after a huge Thanksgiving meal, the last thing I plan on doing is standing in line at Kohl’s with a bunch of crazed housewives scrambling to get 90% dockers.  I think I will wait until after I have my left over turkey and green beans, and then go out, once all the crazy early birds have gone back to bed.

I am sure that if I tried hard enough, I could think of plenty more things that I hate, but I do have homework to get back to…so while I am doing that, how about YOU tell ME some Holiday things you hate!


4 Responses to “Things Dominic Hates (Holiday Edition!!)”

  1. Hello Dominic, nice update. I agree about the shopping – it is ridiculous to go shopping at 4am to save a few percent. You can guarantee those stupid moles burnt up $10 of gas driving round and round the carpark trying to get the closes carpark to the door. Uh-huh you know I’m right, right? Sadly, I do not agree with you on stuffing. While the “thought” of it may be gross, the reality is that it tastes nice. Personally I prefer stuffing to beans anyday but that is just me. Great post though, thanks for sharing.
    Katie Kay Holmes.

  2. This is good! I’m just so excited you posted something new!

  3. I hate stuffing, too.
    ❤ Kristen

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