mosaicbd5b3da680f45c3a68a37f1e0e31f61ea064bfa2Hey there blogosphere, how’s it going?
I thought of the idea for this entry (and the entries that will follow) after seeing something similar on another blog that I often read.
I thought, every once and a while, we could make a post with different things that we like, in music, movies, books, and TV. So without further ado, here we go!

Music: My friend Luke recently introduced me to the “band” Owl City.  I hesitate calling them a band really, since it is really just one person, not exactly a band, however, he is pretty amazing none-the-less.  His music has a very electronic feel to it, which is much different than the music that I normally like but it really has a great sound.  The newest album just came out on iTunes, check it out and download it here.

Movies:I think it is pretty obvious from my last post that I am a pretty big Harry Potter fan, and that I went to go see the movie at midnight last week.  I, unlike a lot of fans I have talked to, really enjoyed the the movie, more so than any of the previous movies.  I think that it did the best job so far of, not necessarily adapting the book to a movie, but interpreting it.  They kept in the most important parts, and left out a lot of the stuff that wasn’t exactly necessary.  Overall I think it was a great movie for book fans, as well as movie fans, and I am extremely excited for Deathly Hallows to become the next two movies.

Books:Speaking of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, I just finished re-reading that book (this made it the third time I have read it since it came out exactly 2 years ago today.)  A lot of fans had some problems with the book, but I think that it really did a great job at concluding a story that took so long to complete. It showed the realness of war that had struck the world of our favorite characters, it didn’t spare anything, and although I was upset when half the characters ended up dying in the end, the novel really did what I was hoping it would.

TV:My guiltiest TV pleasure is by far Big Brother, and this season is no exception.  The sluttastic CBS Reality TV show, which is basically Survivor in a house in California instead of a dessert island, never disappoints to deliver some really crazy characters, and this season brought out some surefire crazies.  If you haven’t watched it, and you are looking for a guilty pleasure to indulge in for the rest of the summer, you can catch up on the episodes here.

Well there it is! The first “Things I (don’t) Hate!”  Make sure you keep checking back for new suggestions in Music, Movies, Books and TV!


So, the thing is, I do NOT hate Harry Potter, in fact, it is easily one of my favorite things since well, ever.

So, you can imagine my excitement that in 4 hours, I will be watching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

I grew up with Harry Potter.  Harry and I turned 14 at the same time, the books coming out for each year that I turned the age that Harry and his friends were in that book (yeah, that sentence is a big convoluted…)

Harry and I have been through a lot together, reading Harry Potter was kind of like having a brother that was going through a lot of the same stuff I was (yes, I am destined to defeat the darkest wizard of all time, little fact about your author)

When the final book came out, it was incredibly bittersweet.  Although I had been looking forward to it for years, it was putting an end to something that I had through every part of my life, the one constant.

Maybe this post is just totally nerdtastic, but I guess that is just one of the things about me that will make this blog what it is.

Here’s hoping this movie is just as great as I am expecting, and that the two that come after it really do what they should.

Oh, I almost forgot;

R.I.P. Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore 1881-1997


Today Dominic and I experienced another first together, our first memorial service.

We have both known people who have passed away before, however this is the first time it was someone we knew that wasn’t family or a family friend. It was the first time we were on our own without family, experiencing something that will inevitably come again. Saying goodbye and comforting those who need it, an important part of life that can really only be learned through experience. Painful, uncomfortable, confusing experience.

This I suppose is just another indication that “these times, they are a changing”.

That theme is another major part of this blog, really transitioning from the final stages of adolescence to cementing our position in adulthood.

Which brings us to the hate part of this blog. Lately, Dominic and I have been discussing those people who are simply uncouth. That is not the same as lacking common sense or being a douche. It is very different, and we dislike them all. If you are reading this please learn the rules of the world. They are abundant but necessary. For example some things are appropriate to wear to a funeral service…some are not. More examples to follow.

Also, today is my half birthday!! Happy Half Birthday to me….:-D


As you should have read in the post before this Caty and I had “One of Those Day’s” today.

One of Those Day’s can be good, bad, or neutral.  I feel as though today (although really yesterday, I just have not slept yet) was a neutral day.  Nothing horribly had happened, but nothing great happened. Although, I did see my cute Chipotle guy, but I still just don’t know if he is gay, straight, or otherwise, *le sigh*

Annnnnyway, I just thought I would pop in and say hi to all the people reading our blog, all 2 of you!

Be on the lookout for our first epic dual post, “The List.”

It will be great, not gonna lie!


Today was, as we would like to refer to it, one of those days.

It began with Dominic and I driving nearly an hour to a courthouse to pick up a birth certificate. The actual transaction took approximately 10 minutes, during which Dominic got asked if he had a son.

Which brings us to this thought. Are we really at the age when people look at us and think “They could have a child”. I mean, I understand we are approaching 20, but I still thought I had that look that told the world I am having enough trouble taking care of myself. Either way I am starting to feel older. A scary old though. Like 2 decades of my life are gone old, and I haven’t really accomplished anything too exciting. That isn’t saying many other 20 year olds have, it is just saying these next 20 years better count. It is 20-40 when the BIG events happen. The things that tend to define you as a person.

After the trip to the courthouse we dined at a place called Sweet Tomatoes, who surprisingly had few tomatoes.  It was pretty yumtastic, only a scary baby stared at us while we ate, and we were severely confused about how to get our food.

Next it was on to minigolf! Only not just any minigolf, glow in the dark minigolf!! I know, you are jealous, and you should be. It was really just about too cool. Before we minigolfed we watched a Sears Presentation about their version of the Shamwow and got free samples to clean our glasses with. The guy was probably one of the coolest people I have encountered so far in 2009.

The other people watching the presentation were too excited. I mean way too excited, like this was by far the greatest deal they had ever encountered. I feel like they don’t understand the concept “If it sounds too good to be true…it is”. Either way there are some ecstatic people sitting at home tonight with a new shamwow mop and 100 sq. feet of shamwow towel to use at their discretion. I hope they spill some awesome super staining liquid on purpose just to show their friends how well their amazing new product works, only to be left with a nice big stain.

We then bought a bow tie, drank some Jamba juice, ate some chips from Chipotle, and complained about our full tummies and lack of monies, because no day is complete without some small complaints.


So welcome everyone to the newest, most awesome-est blog on the web.  Dom and Cate Plus Hate is a place for my best friend Cate and I to come and talk about our life (which I mean, is what ALL blogs are for are they not.)

While I will admit that a lot of what we post on here will probably about things that we don’t like (because BELIEVE ME there is a A LOT) don’t worry, it won’t just be us complaining all the time, because that would just get annoying and would probably get us very little readership.

But anyway, welcome to the blog, keep checking for updates from me, Cate, and from the both of us!